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From Farm To Market
Matt and Kim Grivner

Anyone can say that he or she cares about the environment, but does one realize that mass-produced goods can cause a negative impact on the well being of our planet?  From Farm to Market, owned and operated by Matt and Kim Grivner, is dedicated to energy conservation and provides ecologically friendly garden accessories and tools as well as decorative and home products that are environmentally sustainable. Matt Grivner's idea is simply stated, "Our challenge is to stay true to the business plan and model we set out. We are making a source for others to find items that are unique and hard to find available to them."

From Farm to Market has an inventory of ecologically friendly gardening and home supplies and decorative pieces for display in and outside of the home. Matt Grivner states an interesting fact: "Research suggests the human connection to nature is biologically innate. Ironically, while outdoor living is essential for the soul, we find that today's technology often tethers us to the indoors and robs us of the simple pleasure that being out-of-doors can afford." The majority of the products available are for use outside the home. From Farm To Market's inventory contains gardening potting supplies, rubber flower pots, gardeners gift sets, slate garden labels, beeswax tea lights, twine holders, and garden seed collections, to name a few of the sustainable products. These products are handcrafted by artists and craftsman that are committed to the health of the environment. At From Farm to Market, all products purchased are packaged in biodegradable recycled paper and cardboard products.

From Farm to Market in all aspects is committed to the environment. In 2002, the Grivners built their home and business with energy conservation in mind utilizing the Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) and Green Building Construction from the basement to the top floor. The attic contains special insulation and the walls are made of insulated concrete forms covered in cement fiber siding. The entire structure is fully protected with a metal roof, thus providing a comfortable atmosphere while reducing energy consumption. Baseboard heat warms the building and hot water is supplied by a tankless hot water heater. The baseboards and tankless hot water heater are both fed by an energy efficient boiler.  The Grivners use of compact florescent bulbs also saves a significant amount of energy.

From Farm to Market has been featured in Naturally New England's Spring/Summer 2010 edition. In this edition, Grivner and From Farm to Market were recognized for providing consumers with "eco-conscious resources for gardeners" such as the Jute Waste Sacks and beeswax candles. Another noteworthy accolade was published in Better Homes and Gardens, where From Farm to Market was recognized as an independent retailer. In the months of June and July, Better Homes and Gardens recognized two of the products that From Farm to Market sells, the Potting Shed Collection and the Slate Garden Gift Set.  

If you want to take care of the Earth as it takes care of us, consider contacting From Farm to Market for ecologically friendly gardening and home supplies and decorative pieces. For more information about From Farm to Market or to view the products in person, please contact Matt or Kim Grivner at (203)266-0384 or www.FromFarmToMarket.com.
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