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Duncan Stephens, Author

Would you ever think that hiring a contractor to complete a home remodeling job could actually ruin a marriage?  Mr. Duncan Stephens, an author of home remodeling books, warns readers of this very phenomenon. His most recent publication in 2003 was a second edition of Home Remodeling Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them, which was first published in 1993. He also published The Unofficial Guide to Hiring Contractors in 1999.  

Mr. Stephens’ writing career began after moving to Vermont as a marketing director. During his first winter there he began writing a guide on attractions in Lamoille County, Vermont. He received enthusiastic feedback, which encouraged him to start, and for twelve years publish, a local newspaper called The Lamoille County Weekly.  After this endeavor, Mr. Stephens returned to the world of sales for seventeen years to manage a Connecticut-
based public relations and advertising business called STAFF Associates. His inspiration to write three books occurred twenty years ago after he and his wife, Eileen, transformed a 750 square foot ranch house into their current 1600 square foot Cape Cod house in Woodbury. They finished the project in time to get married in their remodeled house’s new backyard furnished with a lush, green lawn.  

Mr. Stephens explains that his books are a compilation of his “reporting” on others’ home remodeling ideas and his own findings. In Mr. Stephens’ books, he describes how hiring a contractor instead of doing a job yourself only increases the number of stresses of a project. The contractor cannot come into a home and know exactly what must be done. Instead, he or she must receive feedback on what the homeowners envision in their remodeled home. When couples must make decisions together they learn how different they are in regards to their tastes in home layout, which can endanger the marriage if the couples cannot overcome these differences.  By reading Mr. Stephens’ books, couples can understand and be aware of the destructiveness that home remodeling projects can wreak on their relationships prior to beginning the projects.

Outside of his career as an author, Mr. Stephens has been actively involved in the Woodbury Business Association and has contributed greatly as its president for two terms. During his time in office, he concentrated on promoting small businesses that had important services which were unfortunately unknown to many people.  He supported local companies by implementing the Association’s tradition of hosting networking meetings with business card exchanges to increase their publicity.   

Other than being a prominent author and member of the Woodbury Business Association, Mr. Stephens has held many other leadership roles within the community that have allowed him to contribute to the well-being of the area. He has served as president of the Naugatuck Rotary Club. He is also a member of the Denan Project, which is a Woodbury-based, non-profit organization that provides water, food, medication, and shelter for the poor people of Denan, Ethiopia. For enjoyment, Mr. Stephens likes to play golf and to build in a woodshop. He also is a bass singer in a barbershop chorus based in Waterbury called the Valley Chordsmen. Whether it is through his work within the Woodbury Business Association, the advice that he provides in his books, or just with his obvious willingness to be involved locally and worldwide, Mr. Stephens clearly demonstrates that he truly cares about the well-being of the community.

For more information about Duncan Stephens and his career, you may contact him at (203) 266-4009.  If you are interested in buying an autographed copy of his book, you may visit his home at 26 Judson Avenue, Woodbury or you may have an autographed copy delivered to you.

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