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Munson - Lovetere Funeral Homes, Inc.
Lissa Lovetere-Stone

Lissa Lovetere-Stone, Funeral Director and President of Munson-Lovetere Funeral Homes, explains that Munson-Lovetere’s deepest source of pride is that their family owned and operated funeral homes have been serving the Woodbury, Southbury and the surrounding communities for well over 180 years. It is a funeral home with deep ties to the community where everyone is treated as family. They have earned the community’s trust and find great satisfaction in their ability to provide comforting and appropriate services.

The career choice of becoming a Funeral Director may not appeal to everyone, but those who work as funeral directors bring comfort to other people, are exposed to many different cultural traditions, and are logistical masterminds. Those who experience the death of a loved one rely on Lissa not only for her compassion, but also for her ability to organize clergy; arrange for the service or memorial; coordinate transportation; handle publicity, food, and flowers; and care for the remains. She must do it all within the scope of varying traditions and religious beliefs.

Dealing with the emotional upheaval a major loss brings poses one of the profession's most important challenges. This is why psychology, grief counseling, oral and written communication are a very important part of the mortuary science training. Additionally, anatomy, physiology, pathology, embalming techniques, restorative art, business management, accounting, as well as legal, ethical, and regulatory subjects such as, funeral service law, business law, and ethics are all a part of Lissa educational background. Factors such as these make this field of work not only challenging, but immensely diverse and satisfying.

Munson-Lovetere combines old world qualities with modern day conveniences. Their funeral home, located within the historic surroundings of Woodbury, is a designated historical structure decorated with antique furniture. Their other location in Southbury is a more modern facility which combines their heritage of tradition with a contemporary appearance. Munson-Lovetere offers a wide variety of services and selections and is known for their popular option of an antique horse-drawn hearse. Their detailed website, www.munsonloveterefuneralhome.com, offers service and preplanning options, links to obituaries, condolences, local florists and hotels as well as a history on Munson-Lovetere and information about their staff.  

Lissa’s career requires that she be on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, she still finds time to be actively involved in the community. She has served on the Board of Directors of both the Woodbury and Southbury Business Associations. Most recently she has been devoting her time to the newly formed Region 14 SEPTA, Special Education Parent Teacher Association, to which she is delighted by the response by community. She is a resident of Bethlehem, married to Mark D. Stone and mother of two children, Andrew and Evelyn.

For more information regarding Munson-Lovetere Funeral Home contact Lissa Lovetere-Stone at 203-263-2146 or e-mail her at Lissa@munsonloveterefuneralhome.com.

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