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Woodbury Farm Market
Joe and Sue Donato

Upon entering the Woodbury Farm Market, you are greeted by the Donato family, owners Joe and Sue and their children Olivia and Ben and dog Pickles.  Immediately you can smell the winter flowers and fresh cut evergreen.  

As you walk into the Hydroponic House of Greens it feels as if you have entered a garden on a hot summer day.  The House of Greens, a creation of Joe Donato, produces organic grown lettuce, arugula, and strawberries without the use of pesticides or soil.  The Donatos use an integrated pest management system which consists of “beneficial insects such as lady bugs to control bad insects.”   

Each head of lettuce starts as a seedling and then is transferred into the next phase where the seedling has access to water and nutrients.  The water conservation system allows the plants to take in as much water and nutrients as needed and the extra water is recycled.  In forty days, a seedling grows into a head of organic lettuce and is transported to local restaurants such as, Carole Pecks and Johns Café, and local food markets, including LaBonnes Epicure.  

What makes the Woodbury Farm Market unique?  The Woodbury Farm Market provides fresh, organic lettuce, arugula, and strawberries all winter long at reasonable prices.  This not only benefits the consumers, but also supports local Woodbury businesses. The Woodbury Farm Market was recently featured in the New York Times.  The New York Times article showcased the Woodbury Farm Market and the Hydroponic House of Greens.  

However, the Woodbury Farm Market does not only serve its expertise during the winter.  In the springtime we can all look forward to a large assortment of flowers grown right at the Woodbury Farm Market.  Joe and Sue both agree that whether they are growing lettuce, arugula, or flowers, they are constantly keeping a watchful eye to ensure that only the best quality products are grown by them.  

For more information about the Woodbury Farm Market and  Donato’s Hydroponic House of Greens, contact Joe and Sue Donato at (203) 263-2175 or stop by 717 Main Street.

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