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Woodbury Drug, Inc.
Jane Girgasky

While Jane Girgasky was growing up in Woodbury, she would never have believed that one day she would own a prominent, community-oriented business. Jane and her husband, Gary, became the proud owners of Woodbury Drug Inc. in July of 1999. Woodbury Drug Inc. had been an important part of Jane’s life ever since she was employed there as a clerk at sixteen years old. Her time at Woodbury Drug Inc. during her high school career inspired her to attend Pharmacy School and then to return to fulfill her internship there. After graduating in 1998,
she knew that she did not want to work for a large pharmaceutical chain because she valued the sense of community and tightness of locally-owned businesses. Therefore, when she learned that the current owner of Woodbury Drug Inc. was retiring, she realized that it was the perfect opportunity for her to continue her belief in the tradition of locally-owned businesses.

Jane and Gary co-own Woodbury Drug Inc. with Gary managing the front merchandise and Jane running the pharmacy. This equal balance enables them to actively participate in the business so that they may personally get to know each of their customers. When asked what Jane likes best about her business she quickly responded that it was the sense of community that Woodbury Drug Inc. creates. With great enthusiasm, she welcomes both regular and new customers to her store. She feels that the bonds that she makes with customers give them both the comfort and encouragement to ask her questions and to voice their concerns. Along with the sense of community that her business creates, she feels that the Woodbury Business Association, which she has been a member of since July of 1999, aids in the creation of this same camaraderie among businesses and customers. Jane believes that this outlet for local businesses to share their ideas and successes with each other allows them to persevere despite the growth of large businesses and to provide every individual with the essentials of a close-knit community.

The Girgaskys reside in Bethlehem and constantly recognize the welcoming nature of Woodbury. As Jane is an extremely family-oriented individual, her interests revolve around her two small children. Spending a lot of time with them both at the Hollow Park and the public library has enabled her to witness the amazing sense of community that Woodbury offers. She has numerous interactions with other families at these locations where stories about parenting experiences are openly shared in order to aid one another.

Woodbury Drug Inc. is truly an important piece of the Woodbury community. Jane gives back to the community as she employs high school students in order to continue the tradition of supporting local students. Her business has stood the test of time and continues to grow with the town. Jane and Gary expanded their cards and gifts section of the store into the prior location of Hitchcock last September. Along with this change, they are always open to customer feedback in order to accommodate the needs of their customers and best serve the community as a whole. They proudly remain a store catering to the needs of their customers as they perform special orders and have a Monday through Friday delivery service free of charge, which Jane points out is perfect for the elderly and those struggling due to the high gas prices. For the future, Jane has many exciting goals to better serve the community. She has already run a program at the Senior Center called “Brown Bag,” which enables Jane to check the medications that the elderly are taking in order to ensure that there are no dangerous interactions between them. Her objective is to increase the programs being offered at the Senior Center and the schools, so that she can provide needed pharmaceutical assistance to the community. Jane’s past work and her exciting plans for the future demonstrate how community is an important part of her life, and also illustrate how the work of one woman can truly have a profound impact on the development of a town dedicated to a sense of strong community ties.

If you would like more information about Jane Girgasky or Woodbury Drug Inc., please feel free to contact her at (203) 263-2282 or to visit the store located at 238 Main Street South next to LaBonne’s Market.
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