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Woodbury Pewterers, Inc.
Brooks Titcomb

If you had to pick one piece of Woodbury merchandise that was known world-wide, what would you pick?  A pewter product, perhaps?  Mr. Brooks Titcomb, the owner of Woodbury Pewterers Inc., which is based in Woodbury, Connecticut, always meets at least one person on his world travels who knows of Woodbury Pewterers Inc.  Woodbury Pewterers Inc. originated in 1952 under the direction of Ruth Holbrook, Brooks’ great-aunt, and Lee. R. Titcomb, Brooks’ father.  At this time, the business ran in a blacksmith shop adjacent to the Hurd House.  In 1967, the business was moved from the blacksmith shop to its present location at 860 Main Street South.  The 1960s proved to be a decade of changes, as it was also the time when Brooks joined the business after his great-aunt retired.  

Brooks regularly updates the product line of Woodbury Pewterers Inc. to ensure that his customers stay interested in the products.  Woodbury Pewterers Inc. continues to make items that are consistent with modern styles, while still honoring traditional American patterns.  Over time there has been a shift in the popularity of some items.  In the past, stocked items, especially baby spoons and plates, were the best sellers.  Presently, the custom products, such as specialty Christmas ornaments, are in demand.  Brooks has met the changing interests of consumers by focusing on the marketing aspect of the business and increasing the variety of items made.  The fact that Woodbury Pewterers Inc. is known internationally and distributes handmade pewter products to stores all over the nation proves that this plan is working.

Woodbury Pewterers Inc.’s Factory Outlet Store is a unique aspect of Woodbury.  Brooks takes pride in knowing that the store also functions as an educational site because it features the amazing opportunity to view the pewter-making process up close through an observation window that looks directly into the workshop.  Through this window, observers can view the dedication and care that the workers commit to the four-step pewter-making process, which includes spinning, casting, soldering, which is the bonding of the pewter pieces, and finally, polishing.  For individuals even more interested in the process of making pewter, the Factory Outlet Store also showcases the original equipment that was used in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries to produce pewter goods.  

The Woodbury Business Association is an organization that Brooks’ feels passionately about as he was one of the members who resurrected the association in the 1970s.  His goal was to form a group that would inform individuals both within and outside of the town about Woodbury’s businesses, and then attract them to take advantage of all that Woodbury’s businesses offer.  The open and friendly nature of Woodbury and its citizens allows for this to easily take shape through the work of the association.  Brooks, who is married with a son and grandchildren and has lived in Woodbury for forty years, understands how unique Woodbury is in regards to its friendliness and easy acceptance of visitors and new residents.  According to Brooks, there is a true “community spirit” within the town that bonds residents together during times of crisis or that simply causes them to smile at one another while passing on the street.  

As Woodbury Pewterers Inc. continues to grow, Brooks recognizes his desire for the business to remain true to its origin under his father and his great-aunt.  He believes in the importance of continuing to produce all of the items in the Woodbury factory in order to maintain the legacy passed down through the years of the business’ existence.  There is a powerful link between the small, community feeling of Woodbury and the pride of knowing that there are still businesses that employ local citizens to serve the area with pure American-made products.

If you would like more information about Mr. Brooks Titcomb and Woodbury Pewterers Inc., please contact him at (203) 263-2668 or email him at pewter@snet.net.  For a first-hand glance, please feel free to visit the Factory Outlet Store at 860 Main Street South or at the Woodbury Pewterers Inc. website at www.woodburypewter.com.

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