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Edmund's Interiors
Ed Santopietro

Edmund’s Interiors offers a wide array of custom design services from window treatments, upholstery and wall coverings to bedspreads, furniture and flooring. Owner and designer, Ed Santopietro, prides himself on providing his clients with all design aspects.

Mr. Santopietro acquires most of his clients from referrals. He typically visits a site to get a sense of the client’s tastes and objectives, and then returns with proposed ideas. Once a design plan is developed, he diligently gets to work ordering the fabrics and lining up the craftsmen.

Edmund’s Interior’s commitment to quality is evident. Mr. Santopietro has most of the materials shipped directly to him for inspection to insure that they are to the client's specifications before sending them off to be processed.  He has a long history and great rapport with his suppliers and craftsmen, which allows him to pass on added flexibility and better lead times to his clients.

Edmund’s Interiors, located on 8 Main Street South in Woodbury, was established in 1972 and has a rich history.  Mr. Santopietro started out working at a Waterbury drapery shop, which spurred him to pursue a career in design. He graduated from the Paier College of Art and began offering his design services while attending school. After working from his home for 10 months he transformed his grandfather’s luncheonette in Woodbury, formerly Willie’s Luncheonette, into his design studio and has been there ever since.

His career as Owner/Designer of Edmund’s Interior has afforded Mr. Santopietro with the opportunity of doing what he loves while enabling him to meet diverse and interesting people. He was reluctant to elaborate with regard to his experiences stating client / designer confidentiality. His obvious dedication to his clients coupled with his talent for design explains how Edmund’s Interiors has remained a successful area business for the past 35 years.   

Ed Santopietro lives in Southbury with his wife Jane who is the V. P. of Sales for Kiss My Face Inc. cosmetics.  He has a daughter Jessica, age 22, and a son Alex, age 16. Although he is modest about his ability, Mr. Santopietro enjoys golfing in his spare time.  

For more information about Edmund’s Interiors contact Ed Santopietro at (203) 263-2606.

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