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Straus-Edwards Associates, Architects & Design-In-Tandem
Lydia Straus-Edwards, AIA, NCARB

Lydia Straus-Edwards, founder of a larger scale architectural firm based in Woodbury since 1982, redesigned her practice in 1989 as Design-In Tandem.  As the Principal Designer, Architect and Master Planner of Design-In-Tandem, Lydia Straus-Edwards specializes in a one of a kind home planning and design service for existing residences.  The process begins with a visit to the client’s residence where a comprehensive interview defines the client’s lifestyle, preferences and living needs.  That same day a design is drawn up that incorporates the homeowner’s ideas and needs.  The most common enhancements are made in the master bedroom and the kitchen.  Ms. Straus-Edwards prefers these projects and takes pride that the homeowner can “enjoy living within the house.” All projects are environmentally friendly, which is a process that
Ms. Straus-Edwards believes is “a part of living.” Design-In-Tandem “is similar to a tandem bicycle,” based on the principle that “both people have to work together to get there,” explained Ms. Straus-Edwards.  

Design-In-Tandem has made significant enhancements to the Woodbury community.  The homeowners not only remain in their residences, but the neighbors appreciate the value that the design improvements have added to the neighborhood. 

Ms. Straus-Edwards has been awarded the Design Award from the New England Regional Council of the American Institute of Architects as well as the Design Award from the Connecticut Society of Architects and American Institute of Architects.  Her work has been published in Country Living, Metropolitan Home, Better Buildings and New England Real Estate Journal. 

In addition to the Woodbury office, Design-In-Tandem has an office on the west coast.  However, Ms. Straus-Edwards still values her relationship to the Woodbury community as she stated, “Where else can you find a community of 9,000 with this quality of life!”  She reminds us all that downtown Woodbury has the finest restaurants, antique shops, markets, and a playground all within walking distance.  After this Spotlight we all can include Design-In-Tandem as another Woodbury business that prides itself in excellence and customer service.

For more information about Lydia Straus-Edwards and Straus-Edwards Associates, Architects & Design-In-Tandem, call Lydia at (203) 263-0018.
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