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Comprehensive Financial Services
Ron Iannucci

Comprehensive Financial Services certainly lives up to its name by providing all-inclusive financial planning services and investments. It offers tax preparation and securities as well as insurance options such as life, disability, health, and long term care. It provides estate planning services so that clients can be assured they are making financially sound decisions prior to seeing an attorney. Comprehensive Financial Services will even act as a mortgage broker for its clients.

Ron Iannucci, owner of Comprehensive Financial Services, explains that he has always had an affinity for business; therefore, finance seemed like a natural route for him to take. Ron has a BS in Accounting, an MBA in Finance and is a Certified Financial Planner.
He spent 18 years working in the tax department of Uniroyal Chemical Company doing international taxes before he decided to venture off on his own. He began to build his business from home, but then shortly thereafter purchased an office located in Cornerstone Professional Park in Woodbury, where he has been for the past 17 years.

Ron has passed along the fondness of finance to his son, Ron Jr., who works along side him at Comprehensive Financial Services. In addition to having a BS in Accounting, Ron Jr. is an Enrolled Agent, which means he has been tested by IRS on his knowledge of tax law and regulations and is certified to represent clients should they incur problems with the IRS.

Ron explains that he feels that financial planning requires an ongoing relationship with the client. He is constantly watching the market for good investments or dangers in the market. He takes the initiative to contact his clients when he recognizes changes that might affect them. Additionally, while discussing different strategies, he tries to educate his clients so that they are making decisions that they understand.

Education is another affinity that Ron seems to have. He notes that he enjoyed the time he spent serving as an adjunct professor at Post University teaching Finance and Accounting. The love of teaching runs in the family. Ron’s wife is a retired school teacher who taught several years in the Naugatuck school system. Additionally, his daughter teaches in the private sector. His two other sons decided to break the mold and ventured off in different directions; a dye and tool maker and a doctor.

With approximately 150 clients, Ron has little time to do much else. When he is not tending to his client’s financial needs he enjoys noncompetitive biking (unlike Ron Jr., who has participated in several competitive races and has the scars to prove it).  

Ron has served as the Treasurer for the Woodbury Business Association for several years. He is also a member of the Financial Planners Association where he gets the opportunity to network and keep current with marketing techniques.  

For more information about Comprehensive Financial Services contact Ron Iannucci at 203-263-5030 or e-mail him at riann77622@aol.com. Also, look for its website which will be coming soon.

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