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Rudy and Kurt Mazurosky

Voices is not your ordinary town newspaper.  Read more to find out why…

Voices and Voices Weekender reporters publish local events and news stories from all communities that their papers serve.   This family-owned and operated business under the Mazurosky’s leadership has been publishing newspapers since 1980.  However, in 2000 Voices went global providing local news and information to customers through the World Wide Web on VoicesNews.com.  This online newspaper includes all stories, news, legal notices, classifieds, and advertisements that are in print.  All of the information printed since 2000 has also been archived online.  

As a community newspaper, Voices is a part of each local business, which is illustrated through the vast number of businesses in which the Voices staff works.   It is through Voices effective communication system that businesses are able to increase their popularity and the public is able to seek out goods and services. Voices and Voices Weekender are able to provide these publications to local readers at no charge due to the revenue from advertising.  The advertiser is well aware that the publication is accurate and thoroughly read, reread and “stays on the coffee table until the next edition is published,” Kurt Mazurosky commented.  Another benefit in advertising in Voices is that the advertising cost includes all graphic work.  In today’s economy, Kurt Mazurosky’s advice to all business owners is not to eliminate your advertising completely but to work with what your business can afford.  Kurt emphasized that there are options, such as advertisement size and frequency that can be affordable to businesses.  Kurt is adamant that promotion and advertising of a business must be budgeted quoting the age-old adage that one needs to “spend money to make money.”   Again Voices’ clear message is that they help people and businesses survive, which in turn enables Voices to thrive.  

The previous role of the local newspaper was aiding the community with developing a business plan.  The staff at Voices still provides this community with information on new and established business owners who are pursuing loans at no charge to the business owner.

Voices not only communicates through the print and online newspapers, but also by web development.  Voices specializes in web development creating web sites for the Woodbury Business Association and for the 350th Woodbury Celebration.  

As a business Voices is family oriented. Members of the Mazurosky family work at Voices including: Rudy Mazurosky, President and Publisher;  Kurt Mazurosky, Operations Director;  Annette Linster, Chief Financial Officer; Walter Mazurosky, Circulation and  Classified Manager;  Laura Mazurosky, Business Office; and
Trudy Mazurosky, Corporate Secretary and Notary.  Voices’ staff consists of more than 50 dedicated employees.  Kurt comments that many of their employees have been with the business for several years.  Some employees have left to pursue other career options, but eventually have come back to an open door at Voices.  

The main office is located in Woodbury, which is the perfect fit for this small town business, as Kurt reflects that Woodbury is a “quaint New England community” with a “small town feel” with residents who demonstrate a genuine caring for the community.  Unfortunately, the staff has outgrown its current office space and the business has plans to move to Heritage Road in Southbury within one year.  

In addition to their hard work through Voices, Rudy and Kurt Mazurosky are dedicated members of the Woodbury Business Association (WBA) and the Tribury Rotary Club.  In addition to creating the WBA website, Kurt also maintains the website.  Both Rudy and Kurt support many Woodbury charitable organizations by providing effective communication and monetary assistance.  

For more information about Voices, Voices Weekender or VoicesNews.com, email
Rudy (rmazurosky@ctvoices.com) or Kurt Mazuosky (kmazurosky@ctvoices.com) or visit them at 744 Main Street South, Woodbury.
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